Registration is closed for the 2024 shows, but if you wish to participate, consider joining us for the events or making a donation to the Rape Crisis Center ( in Madison or the The Women’s Community in Wausau.

“Art, in any form, speaks from the heart, tells us the truth, it gives us hope for the future when we cannot see hope or a future for ourselves.” – Dr Desmonette Hazly

Muse: a thriver who has experienced sexual assault, relationship or gender based violence, or stalking and is willing to be a muse for an artist.

Artist: any creative person willing to donate time and talent to create or collaborate with a Muse.

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For this event, artists are paired with thrivers who act as a muse for the art created; a piece that will celebrate the thriver. The piece should focus on the ambition, goals, and passions of the thriver rather than on their assault. Through a series of interactions, the artist will be inspired by learning about the thriver and the piece will begin to take form.

The finished pieces are then gifted to the thriver as a forever reminder of their participation, and more importantly, the beautiful and meaningful life they lead. We hope to offer a reminder of the strength, beauty and power that we all possess, even in the darkest of times.

I encourage you to reach out with inquiries about participation and know that muses may remain anonymous. Feel free to create a new email account to use for registration and interaction with the organizers and artist you are paired with.