Annual Exhibits in Madison and Wausau, WI will be held April 2023!

We Step Into the Light is an art exhibit that seeks to inspire creativity that honors the healing process after an experience with sexual assault and violence. 


History of the exhibit

“We Step Into the Light art exhibition came into being when I was letting the world know I was a survivor that didn’t want to be a survivor anymore. It wasn’t good enough.

Surviving means you’re doing the very minimum, you’re not doing the very best you can and being happy – you’re just getting by. That was not good enough for me anymore.

And I felt that shouldn’t be good enough for anyone else who has suffered trauma in their life.

It was very difficult to come up with a concept that would encompass strength, power, and beauty all at once. The thing that does this best is art.”

Desmonette Hazly, MSW, PhD,

Creator of We Step Into the Light. Learn more.

Hence the term “thriver” was born as was the project titled We Step Into the Light. In 2009, Dr. Hazly wanted to create a venue for thrivers to feel safe, seen, and heard. This is the exhibit we are now so proud to bring to the Madison community today. To see what has occurred in this space since it’s inception, click on the links below:

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