1. If I sign up as a Muse, will I have to share my traumatic experience? No, not ever. This show is not about the event that made you a thriver, it’s about everything else in your life that makes you who you are. Your artist and the organizers will never ask you to share your experience nor do you have to “prove” why you fall into our definition of Muse. This show is meant to be part of your healing process and is for anyone comfortable participating. You can remain anonymous by giving us a preferred name and contact info. We will never identify you to anyone else as a Muse and if you attend the live event, WSITL will not spotlight you as a participant.
  2. If I sign up as an Artist, how do I get to know my muse? What happens after you pair the Artists and Muses? Once paired, WSITL will provide the Artists with contact info for a Muse as well as sample conversation starters. The Artists then reach out to their Muses and discuss how to proceed. This could be a one-time meet up, a series of emails/texts, a phone call, or recurring meetings. Perhaps the Artist sends draft photos to their Muse. The experience of each pair will be different.
  3. If I participate, do I have to donate in order to be invited to the show? No! As a participant no financial donation is required or expected. We understand you are already giving your time, energy, and talent and appreciate that more than anything!
  4. Artists – note that we do have some petty cash to offer reimbursements for supplies and shipping of the finished piece as needed. WSITL can’t pay you for your time and do ask that you know this is a volunteer experience. However, we want to help you participate.